Testing, testing.

So, I’m off to Guangzhou on Tuesday night! I’ll be flying at 9pm, and coming back god-only-knows-when. I’ve set up this blog because I don’t know if I’ll be able to access facebook in China (it’s somewhat banned), and a blog let’s me add photos to chatter about what I’m doing and anything interesting that I see. All being well, each weekend there’ll be a couple of photos and an embarrassing anecdote. There’s space to comment below each post, but I can also get hotmail as normal.

I’d also like to put in a big thank you to the Haynes clan for the invite to Scotland. Lovely place; lovely company. I’d add some photos of the amazing scenery… …but I didn’t take my camera!

The kindle in the photos was a combined going away/ thirtieth birthday present from my generous benefactors, and may well be what I post from, so I can’t help but slip in a little review. It’s absolutely ingenius! The picture above is google maps in Guangzhou. It can also handle facebook (people say that the Chinese even allow it to get through the Great Firewall of China), and my favourite online Chinese dictionary, as well as letting me read pdf and word files as comfortably as on paper, and without the excess baggage charges.┬áThe only thing it’s bad for is your relationships with the people you’d otherwise be talking to.