Crawling around on the bus station floor catching a baby gecko

Lizard And Chair Leg

I just got back from a day out in Guangzhou, and on my way out of the bus station saw a baby gecko bouncing around on the road. The only obvious course of action was to put my shopping on the floor and, with the occasional look around to see if bus-shaped death was bearing down on me, catch it and take it home in my pencil case.

Climbing Baby Ninja Gecko

It was dark, so I set up a green thing as a backdrop, and a lamp, and the lizard legged it up the back of the chair and then onto the floor. I got a series of perfect shots of it with everything in focus except its head. It moves so fast, that these two are the best out of about twenty! It eventually got caught half way up the wall and put onto the balcony.

Trying to climb over a bag


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